I've been eating non-stop since Friday afternoon and while I still have the memories in my brain (and notepad), thought I'd better blog them all down now before I forget.

Friday afternoon, two colleagues and I decided to try the new Italian restaurant, Italianni's at 1-Utama.

Since I have a number of reviews I want to do tonight, I'll keep them all straight to the point....

Atmosphere - very kitsch Italian, screaming "we-are-a-franchised-Italian-restaurant-attempting-to-look-Italian". Oh, give it a break! We know we are NOT in Italy no matter how much any restaurant tries to recreate the vineyard scenes, even with the must-have checkered red-and-white table cloth and Italian "opera" playing the background. All you would have to do is look out the window to see the traffic along the LDP and you would know!

Food - Quite a long menu with alcoholic drinks served as well (okay, I'll give them a plus point for that!). We ordered (in my terms):

ArrabiattO pasta - we all thought we had ordered ArrabiattA but turns out it was with an 'O'. It was pasta with a light brown sauce which supposedly contained vodka. It was all rather bland, if you ask me ...

Chicken Salad - this was quite good. It was like a Caesar like salad but with chicken and bits of grapes and mango.

Seafood Pizza - we had to agree that this was the best even though the taste of fake-been-in-the-freezer-in-a-plastic-container crabstick came through quite clearly.

Drinks - one of my colleagues ordered a glass of house wine which, horrors of horrors, came served in glass tumbler. We were like ..err...that's wine ..err...ok. Kidded with colleague that perhaps if had ordered a more expensive non-house wine, it would have been served in a proper wine glass. Other colleague ordered a Blue Dream smoothie which was ok.

Service - we had a very earnest young waiter. It was ok, nothing fantastic but nothing bad. Looking around, all the waiting staff look like they are in their late teens, I wouldn't have been surprised if they were all recent school leavers waiting for their SPM (do they still call it that these days?) results.

We were quite stuffed at end of the meal ... which, incidentally, cost us around RM125 ...quite a bit for a quick Friday afternoon lunch!

Would I go back again ... probably only if I were quite desparate for something else to eat at 1-Utama...

Italianni's Pasta Pizza and Vino
Location: somewhere near the bridge connecting the old and new wing
Tel: 77271399

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