A quaint little English pub has opened up this side of town, in the sleepy hollow if Sri Hartamas (the quiet side as opposed to Desa Sri Hartamas aka Bangsar 2). Located in the row facing the Petronas Gas Station, parking is not normally a problem.

We decided to pop in there for brunch last Sunday. Now, I have been there before, with SA, on the eve of Chinese New Year and it was all very quiet but on Sunday, Easter Sunday nonetheless, it was packed to the brim with the Pomps and Aussies.

On my first visit, I had their BLT sandwich was which quite yummy, as all simple comfort food is - 2 large slices of white bread with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes (duh!) inside and a generous serving of chips on the side. SA, had the baked ham and cheese sandwich and almost regretted it as it was very, very rich, with melted cheese oozing from the top.

On Easter Sunday, we had a serving of English Breakfast and Sunday lamb. The English Breakfast is served all day (which is great!) and comes with bacon, baked beans, baked tomato, too little mushroom, sausages and fried bread. The fried bread was really oily and that didn't go down too well with my tum tum. Next time I'll just ask for toast I think. The Sunday lamb was OK, wasn't fantastic or anything but the portion was certainly generous. Came with sauce (brown, not mint) and peas and baked potatoes.

The service here is normally quite good but food generally doesn't appear in a hurry. Afterall, it's a drinking place. On Easter Sunday it was quite bad as we had to wait 45 minute - 1 hour for the food to arrive and by the time I tucked into the lamb, it was around 2pm!

Anyway, I think I will still give Sunday breakfast a go, especially when I want to 'escape' Malaysia for a bit. Once you step inside, it's like you're transported to good ol' England (with the exception of nasi lemak on the menu!). they also have a piano and a little stage there. Perhaps the DitVits may like to consider have a little sing-song session there?

The BullDog
31 & 31-1 Jalan Sri Hartamas 7
Taman Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6201 4484
Fax: 03 6201 4534
I first heard about this from a friend of a friend, EY. This lady is very much connected into the expat-type scene in town (being an expat herself) and that group is always looking for unique and different places to feast. Not having any financial restraints also helps matters.

During one of EY's dinner at FIC's, the group was talking about this fantastic place up in some hillside but near enough to the city and how you can have a dinner party there as long as you have at least 10 guests and they will cook specially for you. That place was no other than Sarang Murai.

Lately, in the Star newspaper, there have been a a couple of articles on the place as well and I'm more determined than ever to organised a group to go there. A group that will enjoy good food and don't mind paying up to RM100 per head.

We will have to book at least 4 days in advance and the place accomodates 10 to 35 guests. They have Asian (Thai, Malaysian Portugese, Indonesia and Indian) and a Couscous menu priced at RM40 and RM50 per head respectively. There are also vegetarian meals and a high tea menu as well.

Accomodation is also available, which is great for a group outing ... what a better way to end a meal than to crawl back to a comfortable bed??

So, any takers?

Manager: Razif Rashid
Lot 2258, Batu 18 1/2 Jalan Pangsun
43100 Hulu Langat
Tel: 03 9021 5173
Fax: 03 9021 7414

(The place is roughly 25km from the 9th Mile Cheras police station)