Finally, it's coming to Malaysia! Let's hope it's REAL khinzir, not the cow kind!!!

From The Star, 21st Sept 2005
Taste of Tony Roma’s soon


TONY Roma’s is heading for our shores so Malaysians too will be able to savour their world-famous steaks and flame-grilled meats.

Back in 1972, an American guy called Tony Roma set up a cosy restaurant in Florida, offering delicious baby back ribs basted with his special sauce.

The fame of his grilled and barbecued meats spread throughout the United States.

Today, there are more than 260 Tony Roma’s restaurants in 27 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Germany and China.

The Malaysian deal was sealed after Grandpolitan Sdn Bhd signed an international franchise agreement with operator and franchise holder Romacorp Inc to set up four Tony Roma’s restaurants in the country.

The agreement was signed in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Grandpolitan was represented by its managing principal George Ang while Romacorp Inc was represented by its franchise development vice-president Kenneth Myres.

Romacorp operates 29 restaurants and franchises 222 restaurants through its subsidiary companies.

Ang said the first Tony Roma’s would be located in a major shopping mall in the Klang Valley and will open in May.

Besides its award-winning baby back ribs, Tony Roma’s is known for barbecued chicken, flame-grilled steaks, onion loaf, potato skins, baked potato soup, salad and hamburgers.