Foie Gras
I'm not sure whether anyone else has notice this but many (too many!) restaurants are now serving foie gras. Once upon a time, only found in really high-class, French fine dining restaurants, it's now finding it's way into your neighbourhood cafe!

For me, it started off at Zipangu, the Jap restaurant at Shangri-La, KL. They are now pairing foie gras with Japanese cuisine. Had the panfried foie gras delicately placed on top of a piece of daikon. It was actually quite delicious, though difficult to eat the large piece of daikon. We also had something which resembled a fresh spring roll, like a popiah, but with the rice paper roll and not fried. That also had foie gras in it. Too bad the taste was overpowered by the veges.

Next, at Mizu, the Jap restaurant at Bangsar Village. They, too, served foie gras with daikon similar to the one at Zipangu.

Even Opus Bistro is riding on this trend and serving foie gras salad, which I didn't try (I think paying over RM40 is a bit much for salad!). There's another 2 restaurants which we went which is also serving foie gras but I can't remember their names off hand now.

Tea Cups
Another slighly annoying trend at Japanese restaurants, namely the 2 mentioned above as well as at Waka-ru, Jap restaurant near KLCC, is that for the Second Course of a set meal, they serve this Japanese Tea Cup Soup. It was really kawaii the first time, with the soup served in a small Japanese tea pot which you have to pour into a small tea cup and drink from it, but after the 5th or 6th round of pouring, you just wish that they would have given it in a bowl! Open the teapot and there a large prawn and some meat and mushrooms in it.

As I mentioned, it was cute the first time but it's really annoying me now ... perhaps it's a test in patience ..and more!

Know of any other restaurants serving foie gras and soup in tea pots? Let me know!