I had my first Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg today!
I saw the Baby Creme ones at BSC few weeks ago but thought parting with over RM30 for such tiny ones were a bit too much. If they had the normal sized ones I wouldn't have minded. Anyway, when I colleague told me she was going to London for last weekend I jumped at the opportunity and asked her to get me some proper Creme Eggs. She dropped off 8 large creme eggs and a box of the mini ones on my table today!

I can't remember when the last time I had one .. maybe when I was still living in Australia. But i love them. Why? Because you bite through the chocolate shell and then this white/yellow "yolk" oozes out, just like a real egg! Ok, it's really sweet but I figured that Easter comes like once a year so it's ok,..

I remember when I was back in High School and in my first Easter there, some of my classmates bought me chocolate easter eggs .. one guy even got me a 2kg one! It was huge (but alas, hollow ..). In Australia, I used to enjoy the array of chocolate eggs they had .. some were absolutely gorgeous and you could have them personalised with the recipient's name (very romantic!) and some were based on your favourite chocolate bar - Picnic, Kit Kat, Twix (that was my favourite all through Uni - a Twix a day! My friend Peter once bought me a whole bag (at least 50 bars!) for my birthday) and some of the big ones had baby ones inside too!

I guess I sort of grew out of chocolate after I left Melbourne. Not sure why but I think the last Death by Chocolate Party threw there could have threw me off! Imagine a chocolate party where every dish had chocolate in , including Nutella sandwiches. No savouries at all! I think my friends and I kinda decided to 'surrender' after that ...

Now that I'm back in KL ... I'm slowly picking it up again. Started last year when I started exercising with a personal trainer .. after the training, my body would crave for something sweet. So, a little piece every other day ....

Was in Langkawi earlier this month and got a whole lot of Hershey's Kisses in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and almond nuts. I love the dark chocolate ones, and the fact that it was wrapped in purple foil was a big pull factor! Anyway, I mixed the 3 packets up and got one of my colleagues to distribute to everyone else.

Countdown begins .. 7 Creme Eggs left .....