I've been inspired to start a blog! Yup, while having a giant mug of orange juice (NOT Sunkist, but juice from the local, green skinned oranges) at Pizza vs Satay. It was like, I FOUND it - the perfect orange juice!! I need to share this news with fellow foodies out there!! So, here's my first entry ...

Had dinner at Pizza vs Satay at Taipan USJ. Not a place I normally venture to but was in the neighbourhood and not sure what I wanted. Well, Pizza vs Satay is the perfect place to appease everyone, they have nasi lemak (which I have been told is VERY GOOD but didn't feel like it today), a selection of pastas, pizzas, western style cuisine like fish and chips to local fare such as laksa johor and satay.

Had the spicy vegetarian fettucini in tomato sauce and my first thought was "I have to bring BB here!" Incidentally, BB is my good friend who is also know as Ms Tobasco! The fettucini was pedas enough for me, though I'm sure not pedas enough for BB .. so she'll have less Tobasco to put on! Thank goodness for the GIANT mug of orange juice.

Anyway, a run down of what MBF and I had:
Beef Carpacio - not bad, came with sprinkled parmesan cheese and drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil
Cheesy Garlic Bread - four large pieces
Home-style soup - kinda tasted like Campbell's cream of chicken lah!
Spicy Vegetarian Fettucini - lots of veges, they seem to like brocolli and green peppers a lot. Good presentation though I'm not quite sure what the piece of lemon was doing there
Seafood Oglio Alio - lots of seafood including sotong (the white kind), mussels, prawns AND brocolli (to make sure you have a balanced diet that includes vegetables!)
Orange Juice (x2) - SO yummy!!
ILT - biasa lah!

Ambiance - very cosy place with photos by guest photograhers on the walls, teacup collections, old Elvis records, very rojak and campur but suits their tagline 'East meets West' very well. The colors reminded me a bit of Dave's Deli.

Cost - all the above cost us just above RM60 which is very good value. To give some indication, the pastas were around RM15-20, nasi lemak around RM4-5, giant mug of fruit juice was RM7.

Pizza vs Satay
35G, Jalan USJ 10/1D
Taipan Triangle
Subang Jaya
Tel: 56318104
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