The last time I visited Cafe Cafe was when they had feathers floating from the ceiling (sometime early 2003 if I recall!) Well, it's all gone upmarket now with crystals floating from the ceiling these days and the prices are also reflecting the upwards direction.

The menu is more focused now, a more 'daring' menu to match the likes of trendier restaurants. Definitely not cafe-level food as the name suggests.

A glance at the menu showed foie gras, pates, salmon, pastas - you could have been at FIC's and not Jalan Maharajalela (with Jalan Choo Cheng Kay a 1 minute walk away!). They had four set menus ranging from RM95 to RM115 (I think!) per head for a four-course meal including appetizer, mains, dessert and coffee/tea. Appetizers included foie gras, mains had duck breast something or salmon and desserts from the menu.

The singing gang and I were there earlier this evening and didn't have a chance to try any of the savouries, mainly because the desserts were so tempting. Unfortunately, the tiramisu and creme brulee were out. I had the Royale which was a slab of chocolate ganache with praline and dark chocolate. Calli's chocolate mousse looked equally sinful dusted with cocoa powder. KP's 'Love Bites' - fried ice cream hearts sat atop two banana halfs laced with chocolate topping also looked excellent.

It is also great to get away from Starbucks and to have the coffee here. Cris's latte looked lovely, my Cafe au lait was served in a big bowl and actual coffee beans for deco. There's also a fine selection of alcoholic coffees - I'll have to ask Nic for a review. Tea is served with honey as a sugar alternative.

Ambiance - very chic, very Parisian, very un-Jalan Choo Cheng Kay!! For a brief moment, we escaped to the city of love, completely with French Kiss soundtrack and other French music. I hear they sometimes have musicians performing there but too bad the piano can't actually be used. There's a lounge upstairs which had some of the gals oohing and aahing over it ...

Prices - have definitely gone up since my last visit. Brief prices of what we had:
Aubergine / Mozarella Salad RM25.90
Pastas are in the RM30+ range
Foie Gras is in the RM45+ range

Liquored Cofee RM24.90
Cafe Au Lait RM10.50
Cafe Latte RM9.90

Chocolate Mousse RM12.90
Royale RM14.90
Love Bites RM16.90

Oh ...they charge for water RM0.90 per glass. I thought this was a bit much especially since we didn't ask for water, they just plonked it down in front of us.

Cafe Cafe
175, Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 21418141
(right opposite Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka, corner shop lot of the row of shophouses starting at what used to be the Bulatan Edinburough. Well hidden behin shrubbery. Directly beneath the huge 'Visit Thailand' billboard, a few doors away (to the left) of Bank Simpanan National)
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