Review by SA

142, 1st Floor, The Curve

For the pancake lover, this restaurant is about as
close to heaven as it gets. For starters, one needs to
allocate a fair amount of time to go through the menu,
as it is a fairly thick document requiring full focus
and concentration. You'll be overwhelmed by the choice
of savoury and sweet pancakes, each sounding more
mouth-watering than the last. The savoury pancakes are
named according to their countries of origin and the
sweet pancakes are just listed randomly and sinfully.

Service left rather a lot to be desired though, as
there seemed to be only 2 waiters, one of whom did not
seem to be in a very good mood. We had to wait quite a
while before someone appeared to take our order. I
ordered the Rome Pannekoek, TM ordered Grilled
Eggplant & Buckwheat Pancakes and CT ordered the
Honolulu Black Pepper Pannekoek. The Pannekoeks
consisted of a large thin pancake, liberally smothered
in mozarella cheese, olives, and sundried, plum and
cherry tomatoes, Generally, the Rome Pannekoek and
Honolulu Black Pepper Pannekoek were quite tasty and
very satisfying, albeit a little rich (there was LOTS
of mozarella!). The Grilled Eggplant & Buckwheat
Pancakes however turned out to be rather a
disappointment as the eggplant was so peppery that it
was really quite impossible to eat! The Buckwheat
Pancakes on their own were rather good though, but TM
gave up trying to eat it in a fit of sneezing and
turned her attention to the dessert menu within 10

For dessert we shared a Treasure Box, comprising tiny
dollar size pancakes garnished with slices of
bananna, peaches, plum, strawberries and liberally
topped with nuts, raisins and almonds together with
vanilla ice cream. This was really quite delicious and
we concluded that really, the sweet pancakes were the
way to go from now on!
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