Those who know me also know that in addition to food, I also love gadgets. Why? Because gadgets make my life more efficient. For example, I've been using a Palm for the longest time, but not so much for emails or connecting to the Internet, but rather to keep my extensive Address Book, which houses the contacts of restaurants that I have been or would like to go. Using technology means I can actually organise my restaurant list by Cuisine Type, Country, Location, etc which means that it's easy for me to find the contacts when I want them. Of course, the "Free Search" available through the Palm also allows me to do a Search by name or part of name or my favourite dish (to do this you have to add to the Notes of the address record).

Anyway, one of my favourite Gadgets Blog is having a competition and lots of prizes to be won. If you are interested, do click on the link below:
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