Two Michelin chefs cooked for me in the past month! (haha!) I must be one of the luckiest foodies around ..

Chef Anton Mosimann
In early November, I had the priviledge of tasting the culinary talent of 2-Michelin Star Chef Anton Mosimann. His Cuisine Naturalle resulted in a lovely marinated salmon, poached chicken and extremely sinful bread & butter pudding for a very light and very, very satisfying lunch. To top it, we were also served some lovely chocolate truffles made by him.

He's a great PR person too, coming out to meet and chat with patrons. All this has possibly added to his appeal and success. We asked him about himself and he told us that he cooks regularly for Prince Charles and Queen Rania. Apart from having his own restaurant in London, he is also quite the entrepreneuer with and academy which not only offers lessons for up and coming chefs but Culinary Teambuilding activities for organisations! Now that would be a great experiential learning experience! Mosimann also offers a Search and Selection service ..

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Service was very good at The Olive, with attentive waiters. As a take home souvenir, we received a bottle of olives from the restaurant, The Olive! (no pun intended, I'm sure :)

Chef Christian Moine
A month later, Chef Christian Moine was at the Olive to offer the Flavour of France. Unlike stodgy cream-smoothered french food normally, his was a very light and tasty twist.

We started lunch with a carrot and cumim foam (which was served in a chinese spoon and had my lunch companion and I looking at each other with the "this is ONE course???" look!) with grated carrots on top.

Second course was a lovely fish with Mediterranean vegetables. Third course was a chicken roulade in a very light cream sauce, accompanied with oven baked cheese covered potatoes. (Initally we had to choose between the fish OR chicken, but the waiter informed us that the chef changed his mind and now included BOTH as an offering).

I really can't remember what dessert was (which means it didn't make a huge impact on me!).

Unlike Chef Anton, Chef Christian was one of those Chefs who stayed in the kitchen the whole time and didn't come out or anything even if we were the only patrons on the restaurant at that time. I think I liked Chef Anton's approach - it makes him more accessible and it's stuff that celebrity chefs are made out out.

Anyway, I had a lovely time eating my way through The Olive, located at the Lobby level of Genting Hotel. Genting is sure becoming a place not just for gamblers and children but for the foodies as well ...
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