I don't normally add recipes but this is from our Executive Chef and it's really really yummy ...
it's his personal recipe ...

Egg-Nog Recipe

3 egg yolk
18.5 gram fine sugar
1 pinch of salt
0, 25 liter liquid cream
0, 75 liter cold milk
0.5 dl sherry cream (use Harvey's Bristol sherry cream) or "Baileys cream" as an option
3 egg white

Garnish:Cinnamon powder, fine chopped nuts (hazelnuts, pecan nuts, walnuts), and a pinch of nutmeg

Add the egg-yolk to a mixing bowl and whisk till white in color, add in 12, 5 gram of the sugar slowly step by step (keep the rest of the sugar for later) and whisk again.

Once combined well, add the milk, cream, and salt and place it in a suitable whisking bowl and whisk it above a hot Bain Marie till it will be creamy. Then remove it and cool it down.

In the meantime, whisk the egg white till firm then add slowly the remaining sugar, eventually add the egg white mix to the cooled mix and combine slowly (with a wooden spoon) or a rubber spatula, make sure the egg white is well added under the mix to make it as fluffy as possible. At the end add the sherry cream and adjust seasoning

Serve it in pre-organized cold punch glasses and sprinkle with cinnamon, mixed chopped nuts and a pinch of nutmeg.
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