Looks like there's going to be a food fest up at Genting Highlands Resort in the coming months ...

July 1-14: There's the Perak Food Fest at Restoran Kampung
July 1 - Aug 8: It's the Food and Fruits Fiesta at First World Cafe. They normally put out some pretty decent durians so it's all you can eat durian plus other Malaysian fruits.

But what I'm looking forward to is the Middle Eastern Food Promotion at Restoran Kampung. The food they had last year was really interesting and I got to try different types of middle eastern food, all at the buffet. If it's not to your palate so much, don't worry, the really great thing about the lunch (only) buffet at Restoran Kampung is that you also get to take the food from Resort Cafe which is joint to it and they serve mainly chinese food there.

I think Restoran Kampung is my favourite eating place at Genting because the food is always very tasty there. They also normally tend to cater for the tourist groups so the Indian food there is delicious too.

There's also rumours of there being a Sarawak Food promotion in August and I'm sure with the 8 of August 2008 thing, there will be some special promotion too. This is Genting afterall ...

The biggest rumour is that Anton Mossimon, the Michelin star chef will be coming back to The Olive again. Now that's something worth waiting for ...and driving up the hill for :)

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