Today a friend came over for lunch. As it was a meeting cum lunch, I had to whip up something really quick. Still don't have any meat in the house so I made a simple pasta dish with what I had.

Spiral Pasta
Chopped garlic
Carrot (used the peeler to make it into carrot ribbons)
Yellow Pepper (cut into strips)
Can of Tuna Flakes in Water
Commercial Pasta Sauce

Cook the pasta, drain

For the sauce
1) olive oil into the pan
2) add chopped garlic, wait for a minute
3) add 1 teaspoon of pesto, wait for a while
4) add the carrot and peppers with a little bit of water, and simmer
5) add some Pasta sauce, simmer
6) add the Tuna
6) add the cooked pasta and mix

Wala, a meal in about 15 minutes!
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