I received a flyer in my mailbox the other day - about DQ Clean Chickens. It's one of the flyers I didn't throw out as I wanted to read more about it.

So, DQ chickens are not just free-range chickens but they're also grassfed, no hormones, no steroid, antibiotic free, no pesticides and chemical free. I also read with great interest that the chickens are not debeaked and their grazing area is moved all the time. To me, this is important.

You see, chickens are dirty animals and on normal farms, they would basically live and grow in their own waste. Even free range chickens - they may not be caged but then if they're running around in the same dirty area and there's no more grass to eat?

But these people at DQ rotate the hens every few days so that they not only have new grass, but their waste gets dried up and becomes fertiliser.

One of these days I will try one of these clean chickens. To date, I haven't yet bought any chicken to cook as it's a lot of one person. But I have tried out their eggs (only because it's the only pack that sell in 6 - the smallest quantity). The eggs are yummy and HUGE - now I know why they cost double the normal eggs!

Anyway, their website is Do check it out and learn more about the chicken you may be consuming.

They also do home delivery or you can buy from their stockist / agents:

Good4U (home Delivery) 012 331 7173
EcoGreen, TTDI 03 7725 8388
Country Farm Organics 03 7880 9936
Hock Lee, Damansara Heights 03 2094 2807
Villlage Grocer 03 2282 0633
5 Responses
  1. pawsible Says:

    Thanks for sharing the places that we can buy DQ chicken.

    BTW, I found that Jusco Setiawangsa also sells DQ clean chicken too:

  2. HS Wong Says:

    Thanks for featuring our chicken. For updates, visit our blog,

    Where did you get our eggs? We only have limited quantities and we only sell to Good4U currently. Nobody else have our eggs.

    Thanks again,

    HS Wong

  3. pawsible Says:

    I get my eggs from Jusco Setiawangsa too because it's convenient. I did look for DQ eggs but coulnd't find them in Jusco. So I settle for antibiotic free Seri Murni eggs.

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  5. Yeah I'm seriously considering going organic after finding out what they feed and inject farm animals with these days. Not to mention how the animals are treated!