So, LN managed to get a copy of the The The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body for me while she was in Sydney. The author, Jon Gabriel, was supposed to have come to Malaysia a few months ago but didn't quite make it. I was curious about his book, but couldn't find it in Malaysian bookstores.

Anyway, got the book and found it a very interesting read. There's no mention of a diet anywhere! He talks about eating healthy; making your body crave healthy food instead of junk food, about eating food with 'life' in it i.e. raw/lightly cooked to retain nutrients, etc.

I found this very close to my beliefs about food (after having gone for the 10 day Fasting Program at Spa Samui and all) so after weeks of boiling everything into a soup (so I was craving soup!) I decided to go SALADS!

One of the things he said was that not everyone likes salad but in order to get more veges into your body, try turning everything into a salad. I decided to take on the challenge!

My staples for salad:
- Purple cabbage
- Carrots
- Yellow Peppers
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Japanese cucumbers

The above veges make for a lovely salad which has beautiful colours and I read somewhere that it's good to have many different colors in you food.

Occasionally I'll add some boiled eggs, potatoes. If i feel like some meat, depending on what I have at home, I may add bit of sausage or pepperoni, etc.

The other day, I added some chicken - marinated with whole grain mustard and grilled, before cutting in to smaller bit sizes and mixed in the salad.

Today, I decided to clear out my freezer because my fridge is playing up a little. Found a packet of dry mutton curry. At the same time, I was trying to finish up the salad ingredients. Then I thought to myself, why not have a mutton curry salad?

The results were yummy!! As it's a dry mutton curry, I heated it up, cut into smaller pieces and just mixed it through the salad and the little bit of gravy made of a nice salad dressing so I didn't have to add any other salad dressing to it anymore! Perhaps not the healthiest, but hey .. better than having mutton curry with banana leaf rice and everything else :)

In the The Gabriel Method, Jon also mentioned lasagna salad .. that, I've gotta try~~!

The boook is highly recommended, and it comes with a Visualization CD to listen to every night ...

For more information on Jon, go to
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4 Responses
  1. EllenT Says:

    So have you started his program and what results can you share with us?

  2. Vivien Says:

    May i know what camera you are using in regards to photos in your food blog? I am doing a personal survey before buying a new camera as current photos in my blog kinda sucks, i am using a 5-years-old Pentax Option4S. Thanks for your help

    possible email me back at vivien_1223[at]yahoo[dot]com

  3. nekochan Says:

    EllenT - well, I haven't been measuring or weighing but the fact that my slacks are getting less fitting is definitely a good sign? :)

  4. You know you should provide more pics of the food... thats even more eye catching!