Stepping into the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur always makes me feel like stepping into another era, another place in time. I would like to say that it makes me feel like I'm in New York but seeing I've never been to the Big Apple, I can't really say that either. Anyhow, from the moment you drop off your car (you can't park the car yourself, you have to leave it with the valet for RM10), you're welcomed by everyone from the valet to the guards, basically everyone who will cross your path. Now we know why their motto is "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen".

MBF and I were there to have dinner at Rossini's, thanks to the 50% discount voucher courtesy of the Edge (Subscriber PrivilEDGE lah!). The R-C website describes Rossini's as a "casual dining restaurant offers creative MediterrAsian cuisine".

The first thing that welcomes you when you enter Rossini's is the piano-guitar-singing duet team crooning light and easy music. You get taken to your place and then you get presented with the drinks menu, wine menu (not together but one after the other) and then finally, the food menu. Water is brought to your table, and of course, it has to be San Bernanetto at RM24.95 per bottle!!

Beverages, especially the Wine is quite expensive, with Dom Perignon leading the way at RM2400 for the bottle. Average wine cost is around RM250 per bottle. Nothing caught our fancy so it was an alcohol-free night with just pure h20 from the mountains of Italy.

Service-wise we expected better, I mean, it's the Ritz afterall and after the preview when you first enter. ... we were later informed that they were quite short-staffed as three of their staff, including one very experienced one, had resigned the previous week. oh well ...
The service staff was all extremely apologetic as we had to wait quite a while for our food.

Food-wise - the mushroom soup was definitely freshly made, non of that can stuff, very thick and hearty. The scallop/aubergine looked good though it was pretty hard pressed to find the scallop. The tiger prawn rocket salad was quite yummy even if the three prawns weren't that huge. However, no rocket in sight at all.

The duck orange was slightly overdone so was a bit rubbery. It sat on a bed of mash. I felt that there wasn't enough of the red wine 'jus' and the crunchy deep-fried slithers of parsnip (?) was soggy and I couldn't taste the orange at all.

The beef terderloin didn't fare much better - even though the request was for medium, it came very done. Overall, nothing very exciting.

Why didn't we send it back? Well, we had waited forever for it so what's the point?

We initially ordered pavlova mascarpone caream with wild berry compote and baked ricotta cheesecake for dessert but they were out of the pavlova so the chef put together a sampler platter which had some nice fresh mango, unripe strawberries, grapes for fruit with chocolate pudding-thing, a slice of baked ricotta cheesecake and two slices of not-so-nice tasting chocolate brownie which was really dry.

We ordered tea only to be informed that they only have one type of tea. what??? C'mon it's the Ritz-Carlton!!! Anyhow, when we asked a more experieced service staff, we were told that they had a wide variety so we had earl grey. Turns out the waiter who earlier served us was a trainee.

MBF and I had:
Mushroom Soup (Roasted Pumpkin Soup was out)
Tiger Prawn with Rocket salad
Scallops with eggplant in some basil cream thing
Orange Duck
Beef Tenderloin
Platter of Dessert which had Baked Riccota cheesecake, a sinful warm chocolate pudding and some dry chocolate brownie-type thing with fruits.

The ambience was Ok, though the music was too loud, and the singers weren't very good 9don't think they would get through American Idol!)

Would I go back again?? I'm not sure ......

Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
tel: 03 21428000
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