For as long as I'm a student at Clay Expression, I will attempt to systematically try the various eating places at Ikano Power Centre.

Uncle Lim's
No frills modern kopitiam ambiance, simple menu of old coffee shop favourites. Basically, it's
Roti Bakar RM1.80
Half Boil Eggs RM1.80
Nasi Lemak (with chicken and sotong) RM7.90
House Special Laksa RM7.90
Asam Laksa RM7.90

I tried the Nasi Lemak which was recommended by another makan kaki and must say it was pretty good and quite good value for money. There was a generous piece of chicken and sambal sotong. The rice was ok, not fantastic and can't be compared to the malay-style nasi lemak the likes of Tanglin or Naili's.

The barley water here is properly boiled, with pandan leaves and all which is really difficult to find these days.

Recommended for a quick meal.

Big Ben's
I tried the salmon steak and drink for like RM18 thereabouts. The service was so quick that the salmon was ready by the time the guy (Small Ben!) got my iced tea ready so they didn't have to deliver the food to my table.

It was a rather small piece of salmon steak, which came with veges and fries but quite tasty.

They seem to be having many offers - meal + drink (around RM18), coffee+danish (RM5), etc
Another recommended place for a quick meal.

La Gourmet House
I've given this place two times to impress me .. first visit for breakfast and second for dinner.
I'm undecided about it ... seems like they want to portray a more upmarket eating establishment but yet cheap (no service charge). Basically the flow is - you have a sit at the table, waitress takes your order. When your drinks are ready, you get summoned to come pick it up at the counter where you also have to pay for your meal. Not sure about others, but I don't really fancy sitting myself comfortably, then getting up to get my drinks and then when the food comes, getting up to get cutlery (if I had forgotten to get them when i went to pick up my drinks). I'd be happy to order at the counter, pay for my food, collect the drinks and then go sit down while waiting for my food to arrive.

Foodwise - for breakfast, it's a simple affair of scrambled eggs, sausages, toast kinda thing. Nothing spectacular and of course can't be compared to La Bodega's breakfast or anything. They do the cooking just behind the counter so the smell of butter was permeating through the restaurant which may put some people off. Also, while there we witnessed some not-so-nice exchanges between the young chef and his assistants which I thought was not appropriate given that it is an open kitchen and customers can hear almost every exchange.

For what I thought would be my quick meal, I ordered the Aussie Pie. The waitress very nicely informed me that nothing there is fast, they are not 'that kind' of restaurant. So, even though I was the only person in the whole restaurant at 7pm on a Wednesday night, my pie took about 15 minutes to arrive. The Aussie Pie is basically a minced beef pie which was, in this case, very dry and I probably wouldn't have it again.

The shop also sells various gourmet food for take-away for that emergency moments as well as jams. I bought the 3 fruit jam consisting of orange, grapefruit and mandarin which was quite nice but with a slightly bitter aftertaste. While it was nice and chunky, there wasn't enough syrup and again, quite dry on the top.

Recommended if you have time on your hands.

There is a Dome here as well and similar to any other Dome so nothing much to say about it.

Ikano Power Centre
1, Jalan PJU7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

Hours: 10am - 10pm

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