The first food safari was held in December last year when a group of us from the Turandot KL Chorus had to spend 10 days on the Pearl of the Orient for rehearsals.

Anyhow, 10 days of hotel food was enough to drive us crazy so during moments when we had our breaks, we would roam around the island looking to 'chiak ming kia' (eat stuff).

These were the 'safaris':

Pulau Tikus
We started off having char koay teow in the middle shop that's run by 2 sisters (or is it 3?). The same shop also houses Black's wife (Black was the nickname of the family driver) asam laksa and siam laksa stall.
The char koay teow here is pretty good and not so oily with huge prawns. The asam laksa here is my favourite, the gravy is not too thin or not to heavy, striking a right balance in the texture and also in taste, not too sour and not too sweet. The fish is pretty generous too.

The next stop was the corner shop opposite the Pulau Tikus police station. The main attraction is the "kelinga mee" (indian mee) stall. I prefer this one to the one famous Bangkok Lane stall. Here they still fry the noodles plate by plate and also not too oily. We also tried the mee rebus which was pretty good.

I've also personally tried the other corner shop but they're more for breakfast as most stalls are sold out by 11-ish. I enjoy the chee cheong fun there. This is one the Penang-style one with the thim cheong (bean paste) and hae ko (prawn paste). The stall also has decent Penang Hokkien mee (prawn mee).

The food safari trip to the Padang area was very focused. After all, one only goes there for a very specialised dish, namely the cheh hoo (which literally translates to 'green fish'), which is like a rojak but with jelly fish and the penang popiah, filled with real crab meat. I also enjoyed the asam laksa there ... a little thinner than the one at Pulau Tikus but also not too bad. All this was washed down with fresh coconut juice and you could be in hawker heaven!

Of couse, my favourite all time food in Penang is the goreng pisang from Fettes Park. I think they double fry it or something but it absolutely delicious!! We would buy the goreng pisang and then take it to some little coffee shop near the hotel and order local black coffee to go with it! Definitely cloud nine!!!

Will be adding more later....
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