It's been there for ages and a real favourite with the Indians in PJ and for the lack of a better place to go, my sing-song friends ++ and I went to South Pacific in PJ State for yee sang dinner on the 2nd day of CNY.

The sing-sing friends are definitely one of the more difficult groups to cater for (in terms of dietary requirements) and we just finally decided on a set that catered to some - "No prawns please, Sharks Fin soup please, etc".

The yee sang wasn't too bad but we swapped the raw wan yee (freshwater fish) for jellyfish because it's not good to eat the raw stuff. Why? Don't know except that we were told "stay away from that stuff, it's bad for you". Unlike some of the other yee sang I have had, this one was ok, and wasn't as heavily colored as the rest.

Next, the dishes started literally flying in almost all at once;
- sharks fin soup with crabmeat - well, of course it wasn't real sharks fin but I really wonder why people like it so much, it's just like egg drop soup with cornflour to thicken it. Of course, I've never been a big fan of starchy soups....
- cauliflower with mushrooms,
- broccoli and mushroom (both which tasted the same thanks to the same sauce it was all swimming in!),
- 2 types of tofu (otak-otak tofu and house special tofu (fish paste/tofu mix) - this was what we substituted for the prawns (in hindsight, we should have just had the prawns .. I mean, when one person doesn't want the prawns, doesn't mean that everyone else has to forgo it right?),
- fried rice
- herbal chicken - bit salty
- steam cod fish - more like boiled cod fish head and then smothered with that damm sauce which was similar to the ones that came with the broccoli and cauliflower.
- dessert was fresh mango (which was probably the best dish which was probably the easiest to prepare) and watermelon

The set came to RM406 including tax for the 9 of us. I personally didn't think it was very worthwhile as the only "expensive" dish was the fish but hey, when you go out for CNY, it's more for the socialising more for the food I guess.

Overall, the food at South Pacific has really gone downhill, and this, coming from someone who's not so great with the Chinese cuisine. If I can tast the difference from a few years ago (the last time I was there) and now .. that's saying something! Then again, it could be the pre-cooked / conveyer belt food that they were cooking just because it was CNY ...

Go there again ....only if I'm really desperate but then, the next time, it will have to include proper seafood - prawns, squid, crabs ...

South Pacific Seafood Restaurant
PJ State (behind Lotus formerly known as State Cinema)
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