We finally made it to Pangkor Laut Resort, the only resort on an old leper colony island off the larger island of Pangkor. 3 Days and 2 nights in paradise.....the island was gorgeous, and we had the Beach Villa which was great!!!

Guide to eating at Pangkor Laut Resort
For RM60 you can have a buffet breakfast at Palm Grove Restaurant. It's quite nice sitting and overlooking the pool and sea and with pea fowls walking around the place (you can't feed them though!). The selection wasn't bad and you could request for eggs done any way you like. They even had putu piring*. The biggest disappointment was that they didn't have nasi lemak. I mean, tout yourself as a Malaysian kampung (village) and not serve nasi lemak anywhere on the resort??? Anyway, they did have bircher muesli to pacify this cat, so all's forgiven ...

*Putu piring is a small, white, Malay cake made of flour and stuffed with gula melaka (brown sugar). It is eaten with grated coconut.

We had a choice of Chapman's Bar at Emerald Bay or the Royal Bay Beach Club.
Chapman's Bar
Located on the other side of the island, it's the only eating place on Emerald Bay. They serve a variety of tapas and burgers and pasta. We tried most of their tapas, the cold tomato soup, pasta and the beef burger. It was all ok though I was informed that the beef burger wasn't very good.

Royal Bay Beach Club
Located by the infinity pool, the food here is a variety of sandwiches, salads and pastas. On the day we were there, they were serving Mee Banding (RM33) which I tried. It was really spicy but quite tasty. The salads were very basic and nothing fancy, just tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce based with grilled prawns or chicken on top. I was informed that the Club sandwich wasn't too bad and neither was the pasta.

We had a choice of Uncle Lim's Seafood Restaurant or Samudra Malay Restaurant.
Decided not to eat at Samudra because have been told before hand that the food there isn't so great and they were having an Indian buffet on one of the nights we were there. Anyway, we were here to have SEAFOOD!!

Uncle Lim's is the Chinese seafood restaurant which has NO menu! Everything is based on recommendations, which may not be great because you won't know what things costs till after the meal .... :)
Anyway, we had
- roast duck - very yummy and we assume it came from some famous roast duck seller from Lumut!
- steamed sea bass (approx RM120) - very fresh
- asparagus with scallops (RM70) - it was cooked just with garlic and a bit bland
- deep-fried soft shell crab with chilli/ginger sauce - unfortunately, the crab was not crunchy enough and the chilli wasn't even slightly hot
- large grilled tiger prawns (RM85) - these were really large and we had one for each of us
- fried banana and ice cream for dessert - VERY yummy (unfortunately, they only had 2 types of dessert - the banana or mixed fruit)

For the first night, the bill came to RM550 for the 3 of us and for the 2nd night (we had similar to the above except that the prawns were smaller and we also had tofu) the bill was RM680 for the 4 of us.

Drinks - everywhere on the island, the fruit juices / mixed fruit drinks were all RM15 per glass and the alcoholic drinks are between RM40-RM50.

The best way to eat your way through the resort is to go on the meal plan which is RM200 per pax per day for all meals (exclusive of alcohol) or to take the 3D/2N package which is RM799 per pax inclusive of all meals.

There are a few other restaurants like Fisherman's Cove which we didn't try and also the Dinner on the Rocks where you get to sit on a platform built over a huge rock at Emerald Bay and watch the sun set as your have dinner. They only serve sets here (RM190 per pax) and a bar, Sri Lagenda Bar.

I really wished they served better desserts than just ice cream with fried banana or ice cream with mix fruits or plain ice cream. Then again, a lot of the food seem to come already prepared from the mainland. (We saw the dim sums arriving when we left). And I really think they need to serve NASI LEMAK!!!!

Pangkor Laut Resort


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