There is no doubt that Yung Kee has to be THE place for roast goose in Hong Kong and it's no co-incidence that many years ago, when I last visited HK with Cynthia and Adrian, we were taken there by David C (resident Hongkonger) as introduced as the best place for the goose and this time round, G also took me there.

We arrived early for dinner which was lucky else we wouldn't have gotten seats without a reservation. Of course, when at Yung Kee's one has to order their famous roast goose which is what we did and then we were lost for what order next! The friendly waiter then suggested the set dinner which comprised the following:
Roast Goose with Preserved Trotter with Soy Sauce
Deep Fried Prawn with Mini Crab Roe
Abalone with Mushroom in Superior Soup
Steamed Garoupa with Chinese Ham
Wonton Noodles
Mango Pudding

Yeap! All for two people!

The goose was absolutely delicious - tender, not gamey with the perfect crispness to the skin.
The prawns were ok, I thought the little crab was really cute!
Abalone was VERY yummy!
The fish was so-so ..nothing much to shout about. Rest of the menu were just supporting acts to the main cast of GOOSE!

I think everyone who visits Hong Kong has to make a stop there.

The Award-Winning Set Meal will set you back around HK$700 (RM350)

Yung Kee
32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 25221624
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