After the usual "what are we eating?" "anything" "where are we eating?" "anywhere" banter, IS and I found ourselves at De Champion Duck Restaurant at Damansara Utama.

There wasn't much duck left as it was quite late but we managed to have some anyway. The duck's not bad, moist and tender and not too "ducky". Was told by the owner that the 'char siew' was VERY GOOD but they had run out so too bad ...

Anyway, new management has taken over this place (about 6 months ago) so while the restaurant name remains the same, the Chef has changed. We were told that to come at lunch time (they are opened everyday) for fresher meats.

As we paid to leave (we were the last customers there), IS spotted some white liquid in a bottle that the owner and chef were drinking and asked what it was. Turns out it was fresh toddy, delivered about 5 hours before, all the way from Mantin. Owner asked if we would like to try it. Oh well! Never tasted it before so why not?

We tried it neat i.e. pure from the bottle and there was kind of a little sourish taste to it. Looked a bit like really thick barley water. Then Mr L poured in some Stout and asked us to try it again. That made it sweeter and the taste more complex with more body. It was quite interesting and quite yummy! We were also told that fresh toddy needed to be consumed within 2 days else it would smell and taste worse than "old socks water" .Anyway, we ended up having a few rounds with our new 'friends' before we called it a night.

As we left the restaurant *pow* the strength of the toddy hit us. The stuff is really lethal especially when we drank so little. Anyway, I'd love to try it again - the toddy, I mean. Oh .. and also the famous char siew ...

D'Champion Duck Restaurant
(same row as Maybank, and few doors away from Vicchuda?)
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya
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