The best meals are often the simplest meals and I love plain grilled seafood with various Thai dipping sauces.

The morning I was scheduled to arrive in Bangkok, L & G went to the fresh market in the morning and bought some fish, squid, crayfish and prawns for grilling. So, the moment we arrived in Petchaboon, G set us to work, chopping, mincing, etc. I expected this so I bought along my trusty video camera to video this "cooking lesson". G did a great job as hostess, introducing the various Thai herbs and spices that they used and there's some footage of me pounding away using the traditional mortar and pestle and G giving instructions, "not fine enough, pound more!"

I pounded away at leaves and stalks and roots for what seemed like forever. The final concoctions would end up as dipping sauces as well as stuffing for the fish.

A grill was later prepared and we grilled the fish, prawns, crayfish and my all-time favourite pla meuk (squid). Below are photos of our feast (including some of the Thai home-cooked food that L's family prepared .. pork and veged and deep-fried pork skin with dried pork meat...

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