As i'm going to be away next week, I had to finish up all the perishables in the kitchen.
What I had ..
- garlic
- onions
- pumpkin
- potatoes
- tomatoes
- carrots
- purple cabbage
- parsley

OK, so a salad was out of the question; can't eat raw pumpkin ...
Was thinking of roasting all the veges - but can't really roast cabbage ...
So I decided on a quick vegetable curry stew

It's simple
chop up all the veges
Oil into the pot, adding garlic and onions and fry till fragrant
Add chopped tomatoes
Add 1 tablespoon of curry powder and some water
Add carrots, then pumpkins and potatoes - boil

Later, what I did was put the chopped raw cabbage and parsley on top of the rice and then pour the hot curry/stew on top. Yummy and pretty healthy too!
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