Kuala Lumpur's latest performing arts centre, KLPAC has two restaurants where theatre goers can choose to eat at. One is a swanky looking Japanese place (my friend JL says it's expensive but I can't vouch for anything, not having eaten there myself personally) and the other is Sentidos Tapas (or rather, at this point of time, was as it's called the Curtain Cafe or something like that).

I've eaten at the Curtain Cafe a few time - not a bad place to chill out, overlooking the lake (with the large 'Sentral Park' signage there - must be for branding purposes lah!). I've noticed on their menu that they have some local food (like fried noodles and fried rice) has also crept onto the menu in addition to the swanky teh tarik (pretty good value at RM3 per glass, I thought, though it did taste kinda foul!)

Anyway, recently, DW and I had dinner there before attending a show. We ordered the Flamenco's Liver Pate, I had the Fish and Chips and DW had the Roast Beef Sandwich.

Flamenco's Liver Pate - can't complain about this, taste was there, though I would have prefered a smoother texture. However, accompanying the pate were 5 small pieces of bread (slices of French bread). Of course, we needed to order more, which we did. The waiter was also effective enough to inform us that we would have to pay for the additional serving of bread, which would cost RM5. Well, a bit difficult to eat pate on it's own, so order we did. Anyhow, this is where daylight (or rather dusk-light) robbery started - for RM5 we got only an additional 5 small pieces of toast! At RM1 per piece, that would have been a really expensive loaf of French bread!

Fish & Chips - the Fish wasn't very fresh (you can tell from the soft texture and taste)but the chips were ok (I mean, you can't do much to chips can you?)

Roast Beef Sandwich - the only grouse I had was the fact that they used a Gardenia type bread which really makes it feel like 'jatuh class'. I mean, if they had used some other type of bread - baguette or something, it would have been so much better.

Anyway, there we were, enjoying conversation and our meal, when at around 7:45pm the waiter comes over and asked us if we wanted to order dessert. Now, we were both still eating our mains and we were like... "well, we don't know yet .. we're still eating our mains .."
Waiter: Well, if you're not ordering dessert, can you please pay the bill now?
Us: But we don't know if we are ordering dessert, we haven't finished our mains .. and anyway, it's 7:45pm and we didn't ask for the bill
Waiter: Policy .. you have to pay now ..
Us: What? are you kidding? why do we have to pay now? Show starts at 8:30pm's only 7:45pm now
Waiter: Policy .. the till closes at 8pm.
Us: You mean everyone has to pay up by 8pm?
Waiter: Yes
Us (getting exasperated trying to figure out the logic): Then please come back at 8pm!
Waiter leaves bill on table

Supervisor comes over
Us (still eating): Yes, can we help you?
Supervisor: I heard that there was some problems with the bill?
Us: No, no problem, just that we haven't asked for it yet.
Supervisor: I need you all to pay up now
Us: Why? We are STILL eating ...
Supervisor: Policy ...
Us: What if we want dessert?
Supervisor: We will have another bill for that ..

Anyway, to cut a really long illogical conversation short, we paid the bill, still didn't understand why the till 'closes' at 8pm but very upset with the way it was handled.

Next time we need to go to KLPAC, we'll just stop at one of the 'tai chow' places along Jalan Ipoh, have a good meal, before watching the show.

After the show, the mamak on Jalan Ipoh (you can't miss it after you exit KLPAC and turn left onto Jalan Ipoh, it's the first stall you see about 200m after getting onto Jln Ipoh) serves some pretty good tandoori and other mamak type food.

Oh, and if anyone can give me an explanation on the policy at the Curtain Cafe at KLPAC, I'd be interested in knowing more ...

Curtain Cafe
KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)
Jalan Strachan, off Jalan Ipoh
Kuala Lumpur

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