I first went to Decanters when an old guy-friend wanted to have dinner but didn't want to be spotted by his girlfriend's friends (who seemed to be just about everywhere) spotting him. Turns out girlfriend (who is now a moment of the past!) was the very jealous type and though she knew me, her friends didn't and would totally misconstrue the who situation if they spotted him dining with any member of the opposite gender.

Anyhow, that was many, many years ago, but Decanters, the neighbourhood pub, is still around, going strong with sufficient clients (where else would lawyers from a certain law firm around the vicinity go for drinks otherwise?) to keep them alive.

Lunch time would also find many diners (who can't be arssed looking for a parking space at Plaza Damansara or at BSC or Desa Sri Hartamas) there. Where else can you have a good reasonably priced meal and beer to go with your afternoon meal?

They serve typical Malaysian pub grub - sandwiches, chicken chop, fish and chips, local favourites like char koay teow, yee mee get the general idea. Kinda like Yut Kee in an air-conditioned atmosphere.

Anyhow, I hadn't been there for perhaps 3-4 months and boy, did I get a surprise when I walked in today!! The place has been refurbished with swankier furniture - new chairs with bright orange cushions and new tables, square ones, which uses the space more efficiently while the old round ones have been moved to the front, outside the shop. The windows have been changed to wooden slates, giving the place a rather modern twist. And gone is the smell of smoke and alcohol infused into the wood. It rather feels like a part of history has gone ....

The menu is still the same, thank goodness and so is the quality of the food. However, the food took forever to be served today. I waited nearly 30 minutes for a place of Yee Mee Special. Not sure if this had anything to do with the new management or deco! Many young servers around and they look too "corporate" to be waiters or owners ....

This is lunch. Dinner time, I hear, is a totally different story altogether ... lawyers that are not at Selangor Club all congegrate here, we hear ... sorry folks, no free legal advise though perhaps payment could be arrange through some golden liquid currency. Who knows?

Perhaps the place isn't so quiet anymore ...perhaps it's not the place to go to have clandestine meals ....

Anyway, thanks John, for introducing me to Decanters ...

Decanters Pub
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
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