The shop is pure evil ... rows and rows of enticing, individually decorated decadent cakes ...all lined up, looking more enticing than the cute puppies at Pet Safari! "Choose me, choose me", they cry ... the "Buy 4, Get 1 Free" sign above the counter doesn't help either. "Come lah", says Evil friend #1, " let's choose four, then we get one free ..."

Apart from the many types of cakes, there's of course their signature dessert - apple or mango strudel which you can get in 6-inch or 1-foot lengths. If you're taking away, it even comes in it's own special box.

Luckily for some of us, savoury food is also served and generally quite yummy.

I like the turkey and melted cheese toasted sandwiches, the otak-otak pastries and the chicken and mushroom panini-thing ...

Evil cakes-wise, I like the ones with durian, the brulee and anything with mango. Not quite a huge fan of the strudels as it's the kind made with puff pastry and just cream and fruit in between. Much prefer the 'proper' strudel which is like the giant popiah made from fillo pastry.

There's a Strudels in almost every 'happening' suburb ...these are the ones I know of ...

Bangsar - Lucky Garden (next to Mahbub)
Bangsar Shopping Centre (next to Delifrance)
Ikano Power Centre (near the escalators)
Pusat Bandar Damansara (next to McD's)
Desa Sri Hartamas (same row as Finnegan's)
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