'Yum' means salad in Thai

Gim and I woke up late and had more fruits for breakfast. It was a stinking hot day and we decided to make our way to Gaysorn - World Central Plaza area to shop. Had some lunch with veges and rice at the IMPACT food court before we left which was not bad. The food court is quite large and has many varieties of local Thai food including wild animals, etc.

After lunch we made our way to Gaysorn, where we parked ourselves at River Arts and swath ourselves in Thai Silk before heading to World Central Plaza to shop at Naraya and a quick bite at the Japanese restaurant there. We were both good girls and had clear vege and tofu soup.

Caught up with CKL at his apartment in Lang Suan and we decided to try Whole Earth Restaurant. While it's a vegetarians heaven, they do have a non-vegetarian menu as well.
The place was quite interesting, very Hari Krishna kinda place with incense burning, with a very wholistic feel. We ordered too much (as usual) - deep fried catfish with mango salad on top, huge prawns cooked with pineapple in a whole coconut, some yummy tofu thing and some veges. This set CKL back less than Bt1000.

After Whole Earth we wanted to go to the ice cream shop, iberry, for dessert where we were going to meet up with Lam but unfortunately it was closed so we had to make do with Haagen-Dazz instead.

Whole Earth Restaurant
93/3 Lang Suan
Tel: 02 2525574

71, Sukhumvit Soi 26
Tel: 02 2584900

They also have a branch in Chiangmai which is housed in a nice old teak house with a beautiful gardens
Whole Earth Sridonchai
tel: 053 282463

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