I have returneth from the great North ...
My first week in Thailand was spent on the island of Ko Samui. Unfortunately, I was not there to eat. On the contrary, I was there to fast! Yup, fast as in 'puasa', no food, not eating ....

May 1st
Arrived at Ko Samui mid-morning and checked into Spa Samui's Cleansing Program. Yup! After years and years of stuffing all kinds of food down my hatch, I thought it was time to give the ol' body an overhaul. I also had my 'last' proper meal for the week and I was lucky that it was at one of the World's Top 50 vegetarian restaurants. I tried their version of 'som tum' (green papaya salad) which was actually very yummy considering that it was not only just vegetarian (the real one does have dried prawns or fermented crabs in it) but they also used a lot of healthy substitues like amino acids and vinegar in place of salt and lime juice, etc. Also had a liver flush to go with that. The liver flush is made up of orange and lemon juice blended with garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper. Definitely not for the faint-hearted but all in the name of good health!

For dinner I had the Spa Salad - a HUGE bowl of many types of raw vegetables. Normally a huge salad fan, I couldn't even finish it and I ordered the small sized one. Another liver flush and I was ready to start my week of fasting ....

May 2nd to 7th
My daily schedule as follows:
7am - Power Shake (Liquid Bentonite clay, Psyllium Husk and watered-down Pineapple or Watermelon juice)
7.30-9.00am - Iyengar Yoga with Ute
8.30am - Chomper and Herbal Nutrition Pills
9.00am onwards - Colema #1
10am - Power Shake
11.30am - Chomper and Herbal Nutrition Pills
12 noon onwards - Vegetable Broth
1pm - Power Shake
2.30pm - Chomper and Herbal Nutrition Pills
4pm - Power Shake
4pm onwards - Colema #2
5.30pm - Chomper and Herbal Nutrition Pills
7pm - Power Shake
7.30pm onwards - Vegetable Broth
8.30pm - Chomper and Herbal Nutrition Pills
..and LOTS of coconut water and plain water during the day! Also more carrot juices and liver flushes from Day 3 onwards!!

May 8th
I got to eat today!!! My first meal was a bowl of papayas and mangos with goat yoghurt and bee pollen and a carrot juice. Must say I didn't really enjoy the yoghurt as it was really runny and I'm not really a yoghurt person.

My second meal of the day was the 'som tum' again. I really love som tum and this one even had raw bean sprouts (taugeh).
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