Tuesday, May 11th
The gang from KL arrives this afternoon but before that, Gim and I have a whole lot of things to do. As usual, we woke up late and by the time we packed and got going, it was after lunch already. After a quick 'chup fun' (mixed rice) lunch we head towards Samut Prakan to visit Ajarn (teacher in Thai). She had bought for Gim some lovely lace shawls and also wanted to see Gim before Gim left for the US the next day.

Samut Prakan is on the outskirts of Bangkok, not very far away but with the traffic jam becomes another story altogether.. anyway, we finally reach Ajarn's home, nestled in a lovely soi and surrounded with nice huge old trees. We had some really lovely jackfruit there and as we left I was excited to see the heart-leaf plant growing on one of the trees. Ajarn promptly got some clippers and gave me some clippings.

We were looking for carving tools so we went to Central Chidlom to look for them. Being quite hungry, since we didn't really have a huge lunch, we went to the Food Loft on the 7th Floor where we tried the Thai Fruit Salad. It consisted of grapes, guava, mango with lime juice, bacon bits and chilly. Definitely very Thai, almost like papaya salad but with other fruits. At Bt90 for a plate, it was certainly expensive but then again, we were at Central Chidlom.

On Ajarn's recommendation, we went to a Thai restaurant off Rama 8 (I think!) for dinner. Another one of those places where everything was in Thai so couldn't get the name of it. It was the gals from KL's first Thai meal so we ordered 'yum pla duk foo' (catfish salad), goong woon sen (prawn in hotpot with glass noodles), green curry and many other types of salads that I can't remember....

For dessert we went to San Luang area (near Chulalongkorn University). Many small shops there selling all types of dessert, something our ice kachang but you get to choose from a about 30-40 ingredients.

After dinner, I bid Gim a sad farewell as she was leaving for US the next day. Hopefully Food Safari will do the New York-Boston-Toronto food circuit with her next year!
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