Saturday, May 15th
I woke up in the plush surroundings of KL's apartment, almost drowning in the sea of big fat cushions. Had a quick breakfast of nam som (Thai orange juice) and a really yummy butter twisted donut and some other bread-y thing with some minced meat in it.

It was then time to run errands. First stop, to the tailor to collect my shirts.

JR Tailor is located at Silom Road, between Soi Saladaeng and Silom Complex. Mr Jaray is Thai-Chinese and has excellent workmanship and good quality materials. He does take about 3-4 days to make the shirts though.

Next stop was to see Malaysian-born, married-to-a-Thai Lin, who also owns Indra Beauty, located at Soi Saladaeng. I like having my hair treatments here and they have now also expanded the business to include foot massages, Thai and Oil massages. It's great here because the place is very cosy and homey and Lin speake English!!!

After getting my hair done, I caught the BTS to Siam Square. Had a quick lunch at Black Canyon (Fried Rice and Rum Coffee!) and headed off to the Nail Cafe to have my nails done!

It rained heavily when I finished so I had to dispense all thoughts of going to MBK. Instead, I went to Suan Lum to get my Thai-silk triangle pillow. It had to be very quickly packed because I had to be back at the apartment to meet PC who was picking me up for dinner.

As usual, running late. The girl who was wrapping the pillow had a hard time because it was so large but anyway, we got it done in the end. Rushed back to the apartment and was embarassed to find PC already there waiting. When he saw me with the big pillow, he could only smile, shake his head and sigh, "Khun C ... Shopping huh?"

Anyway, 15 minutes later I was all showered and ready for a night out on the town. We went for dinner at a Seafood restaurant which was very near the Rama VIII bridge, right on the Chao Phrya river. We had salt-grilled sea bass, Tom Kha Gai and Yum Pla Meuk which was just nice for the two of us. It was a really busy restaurant too and there was a small acoustic guitar group playing in the background. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the restaurant except that it started with "Kilom ...." and I forgot to get the name card.

We headed to the Piano Bar on Silom Road after that. I was told that it's like going for karaoke except that the guy on the piano will accompany you and not a machine. Way Cool! Anyhow, when we arrive, we were informed that the pianist had quit earlier so too bad .. :(

I suggested we head for dessert to iberry, a homemade ice cream place which now had a branch near Chidlom BTS (next to Erawan). I was looking forward to the Cha-yaan (Thai milk tea) flavour but unfortunately, this was a small branch which only had limited flavours. Anyhow, I settled for lychee sorbet and tiramisu while PC had coconut sorbet (good choice!!) and tiramisu.

Perfect ending to perfect evening before I had to go back to face packing my suitcases!!!

Indra Beauty
4-6 Soi Saladaeng, off Silom Road
Tel: 02 2335262
House: 10:30am - 21:30pm

Nail Cafe(sorry, no food here!)
315/1 3rd Floor, Siam Centre
976 Rama 1 Road
Patumwan, Bangkok
Tel: 02 6581198

Interhome (for Thai silk triangle pillow)
Suan Lum Night Bazaar
D68 Lopburi Soi 3
Tel: 06 5438422

iberry ice cream
99/356 President Park
Sukhumvit Soi 24
Klongtoey, Bangkok
Tel: 02 2629473

Branch: Near Chidlom BTS, opposite Gaysorn
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