In 2006, I announced to my then colleauges that the future is in cupcakes! Some pooh-pahed me but I still stuck to my guns.

And seriously, cupcakes are taking the world by storm (ok, maybe not so 'drama' but they are taking the Klang Valley by storm)

Why cupcakes?
Well, they're small enough to finish by yourself
You don't have to decide who gets the middle/end, bottom/top, icing part/non-icing part, etc
They're full of flavour
They're CUTE as hell :)

Apart from cupcakes, I also have my eyes on cookies - large cookies with icing on the top. Ordered some from Su the other day as a Thank You token for some colleagues. They absolutely loved it! Thanks Su!

For the record ..some cupcakes suppliers in town ..


From NST, Friday 10 August 2007
Sheila 017 8843230 - orders 3 days in advance for up to 50 cupcakes. Self Pick Up
Bisou Cafe, Asian Heritage Row Tel: 03 2697013
Wondermilk -

Enjoy!! And remember - the future is in CUPCAKES!!! You heard it here first :)

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