I was recently in Langkawi and organised a dinner at Tun Mahathir's cafe, The Loaf. Chef Chandran and his team were most accomodating to my group's request and as a Dessert Lover, I asked him to do something special for dessert.

This is what his Japanese Chef came up with ...
A platter of desserts which not just tantalised the tastebuds but was also visually a joy to look at. That's so Japanese; where the art of eating is not just about how good the food tastes, but also how it pleases the eyes.
I'm happy to hear that a branch of the The Loaf will be opening at the new KL Pavillion soon.
Till then, you'll need to visit them in Langkawi ..
The Loaf
Lot No 9C, Perdana Quay
Telaga Harbour Park
Pantai Kok
07000 Langkawi.
Tel: 04 9594866
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