Arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Didn't have to wait as the driver was there the moment I came out of Customs.

First meal was an EXCELLENT home-cooked Big Breakfast at Aunt D's place. We had lovely bacon and eggs, accompanied by tomatoes and whole grain bread. To top it off, there was also a lovely BerrySweet Pure Bluberry juice and Italian coffee.

Padded around for a while and then headed off to Chadstone for some shopping. Had a lovely roast pork and apple sandwich. The pork was so moist and tender. We were eyeing the crackling and I boldly asked the lady whether we could have some (to contrast the crunchy crackle with the moist tender meat) and she gave us a whole lot. Lovely...

Dinner was SPECTACULAR! My 2 favourite brothers, CK and CF took me to a really nice swanky Japanese restaurant Shoya at Market Lane (next to Flower Drum Restaurant and opposite German restaurant HB) for nouvelle wafu cuisine. We had the $120 11-course set which was fantastic. From the Unitama (sea urchin) to dessert 11 courses later, it was the a culinay adventure which tantalised and delighted the tastebuds with the creative and innovate concoctions and freshness.

I was a very contented Nekochan at the end of the evening ...

(Photos coming ...)
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