Day Two was pretty much a low-key day as I recovered from my lack of sleep and adventure of Day One. It was also a family affair, visiting my uncle's nephew's place to celebrate their baby's 1st birthday. There was some great home cooked food with lovely salads and meats though I was half expecting (and hoping) for some Vietnamese food (as nephew R married a Vietnamese lady). Pity ...

Dinner was at the pub round the corner, the Grosvenor Pub. It's gone very upmarket from the seedy place I remember passing by everyday on my way to school. Aunt D and I shared a delicious Seafood Pizza. I'm not a huge fan of pizza but this one was really nice with the freshest prawns and calamari with lots of garlic and pesto. For vegetable intake, we had the roasted vegetables.

Headed off to Crown Casino late at night. The place is crazy and quite confusing, with no numbers on the car park columns. After one round on the tables, we got thirsty so headed down to Zampeli's Cafe Greco. I like sitting out there and waiting for the hourly 'fireballs'. The cakes there are also visually very enticing as they are like giant-sized versions of old favourites. I've been eyeing the Sticky Date Pudding (one of my favourite winter desserts) and seeing that winter is just about over Down Under, I ordered one with a Iced Coffee to accompany it. Very yummy but very filling.

Don't think my stomach has been so filled in a very very long time
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