Met up with Col for lunch while I was in the City of Angels. It's great meeting up with him when I'm there because he always takes me to eat in places I woudn't know about. This time it was in a small cafe on Suhumvit. Unfortunately I can't really remember the name (this is what happens when one tries to blog about something that happened months ago!)

Anyway, between us we ordered a crab fried rice and an ulam type dish but Thai style as well as fried Shanghai noodles. I really like Shanghai noodles but pity that I've never seen them in KL. It's like glass noodles except flat and square, kinda like kuey teow except made from pea flour. The first time I had it was during one of my earlier visits to Bangkok and I do know that you can get them at the supermarket (dried ones) and cook them at home.

I also had a nice refreshing lemongrass drink to quench my thirst (from all the walking) and I thought it was quite cute with the "flower" made out of carrot!

After lunch, we had dessert at Cherubin. Cherubin is a cake and coffee and CHOCOLATE place which is really nice and comfortable. The cakes were really yummy and unfortunately I was too engrossed in the eating to take any photos! But I did take a photo of one of the cute teddy bears which keep diners company!

Cherubin - Death by chocolate
Sukhumvit Soi 31 - Bangkok
Tel: (02) 260 9800
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