When one is in Bangkok, there is no need to step into a Starbuck's for one's coffee needs. There are many local chains around which serve really great coffee and also helps the local community as they use local coffee beans.

Apart from Black Canyon which you can find everywhere and which serves a really delicious alcoholic coffee concoction that includes Kahlua, there also Doi Tung, result of the Thai princess' royal projects.

At Doi Tung, the coffee hails from the northern part of Thailand and served in really nice ceramic wares. The arabica coffee is sourced through the Doi Tung Development Project of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation.

About the coffee at Doi Tung
Arabica Coffee trees introduced under the Doi Tung Development Project Crop Substitution Programme are planted at altitudes of over 1,000 feet above sea level. The plants bear premium grade coffee beans needed for the production of high quality, aromatic coffee. The harvested coffee beans are processed and sun-dried, carefully graded, roasted and sold under the ‘Doi Tung’ label.

To read more about the Project, visit

There are not that many Doi Tung coffee shops around, one being in Suan Lum Night Bazaar and the other at IMPACT.

Anyway, G and I visited an exhibition at IMPACT when we felt that we needed some coffee and biscuits so we popped by Doi Tung for our coffee break!
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