I've been really slack with updating the blog, but I've finally settled down and downloaded the photos so will start updating the past few months eating forays.

The first major makan trip this year was to Bangkok, in February. Got there just before Valentine's Day so apart from feasting my tummy on yummy Thai food, I also feasted my eyes on beautiful roses everywhere. There was a promotion at Siam Centre whereby they could print messages and photos onto the petals of these HUGE red roses, as big as my palm! I asked where they were from and was informed that they are grown in the northern part of Thailand.

On my first morning in Bangkok, I walked out of the guesthouse onto Silom Road to catch the BTS and there was this long queue stretching from the corner of Saladaeng towards Central on Silom. I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, the Thais are now so disciplined and queing up for the bus." Anyway, as I walked pass them I realised that the queue wasn't for the bus but it kept going pass the bus stop. Curiously, I followed it and you'd never guess what was the "pot of gold" at the end they were queing for - ROTI BOY!!! Yup, true-blue-red-and-white Malaysian home-grown ROTI BOY!
I felt SO proud to be Malaysian - MALAYSIA BOLEH! :)

No, I didn't buy any Roti Boys while I was in Bangkok but enjoyed my other favourite foods instead, especially gai yang (grilled chicken) and papaya pok pok aka som tam (papaya salad), staples of Isan food. Sigh .. if only I could have it everyday ...
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