I guess one of the reasons that I love Bangkok and why I go there so often is because of my good friends, G and L. I think it's great that our friendship has lasted so long, since meeting each other in the Land of the Rising Sun back in 1997. Since then, G has gone on to receive her doctorate, so it's Dr G now and L has gotten married and now daddy to one really sweet little girl.

Still, whenever I'm in Bangkok or they're here in KL, we always meet up and partake in the sharing of food while catching up on what's been happening in each other's lives.

February was no exception. But L was so busy that we only got to meet once, all of us. It was near IMPACT and it was a restaurant, when translated into English, means Golden Cockerel. We ordered lots of seafood including my favourite goong woon sen (prawns with vermicelli in hot pot), steamed fish, deep fried prawn salad, veges, squid and so much more I can't remember, except being extremely full at the end of the evening.

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