As I rule, I wouldn't normally have the same cuisine twice in a day .. but it took me over one hour to get from my place to Sunway to take my uncle out for dinner ... and I must have looked pretty frazzled because he said, "perhaps we should just eat at the hotel ....". Anyway, a choice of two restaurants at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel - either Westlake (Chinese) or Avanti (Italian). Uncle looks at me and says, " I have Chinese everyday". OK ... no choice but to go to Avanti.

Got to the restaurant at around 8pm ... managed to get a table for four near the band area (they're having a Henessey XO Jazz thing there till middle of December).

Food ordered:
Insalata Estiva - a light salad which came with a parmesan encrusted base which was very delicious. RM26
Caesar Salad - when it's halal and comes with beef bacon, I shan't bother rating it! RM24
Salmone Gamberi - Dad said it was good. Shall have to take his word for it. RM65
Spaghetti Arrabiatta - the one with the spicy tomato based sauce. Uncle who ordered it looked suitably uninspired. RM26
Penne with slipped lobster - was as tasteless as the ArrabiattO at Italianni's. Lobster was pretty tasteless... tasted as if they had boiled the lobster, taken the meat out and placed it on the sauce, as opposed to cooked it with the sauce. I, too, was very uninspired. RM38
Calamereti with Risotto - baby calamari cooked in a tomato-based sauce with risotto. Mom though it was ok. RM38

Drink: They ran out of Zinfandel, the house wines didn't look terribly exciting so we just opted for Sourced-in-Malaysia Eau Claire water. The 1.5 litre bottle (which would have cost me no more than RM2.50 at the 7-Eleven) cost us RM14 at Avanti!

Service: NOW we talk! We arrived around 8pm, placed order very quickly as we were quite hungry, having been stuck in a jam for the past hour or more. The two appetizers arrived quickly, within 15 minutes of our order. Uncle and I enjoyed it which parent enjoyed the basket of various breads that were placed on the table. By 8:30pm appetizers were polished off and we awaited our main course. To cut a really l-o-n-g story short, we asked various waitresses about the status of our main course no less than 5 times and each time was told either "in 10 minutes maam", or "I don't know anything, I'm new", or "it's not my fault maam, I'm just conveying what the Chef told me" ... ...
Anyway .... main courses finally arrived at 9:45pm which probably accounted for the bleh review above. However, restaurants should note that service plays an important part of a customers' overall dining experience. No point having good food if the service is bad!

Oh ya ... when we arrived, the table was not set yet and as a result they forgot to give us napkins. So, I told one of the waitresses, "I think you all forgot to give us napkins earlier." I didn't realise she was China Chinese and didn't understand me so she innocently told me, "it wasn't me who didn't give you napkins just now because I didn't set your table!"

Anyway, by the time we left was nearly 10:20pm. They did give us complimentary corn ice cream ... but it tasted like some el-cheapo local brand ... gelato would have been better.....

Would I go back again?
Probably not unless dragged by a hundred stallions.....

Total cost that night for dinner for 4 (no alcoholic drinks, and with just Malaysian water!) was RM265.65 including al taxes

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