I read this in the Sun today. It sounds like something that would happen in the US of A rather than in Malaysia?? Perhaps we ARE watching too much American legal dramas. There was also that guy who took a matchmaking agency to the Tribunal because he wasn't satisfied with the girls they introduced to him, one being younger than his requirement, the other being heavier than him by 3kgs and another had too many ex-boyfriends!! Luckily he didn't win the case!!

Anyway, thanks to this precedent, perhaps now more houswives are going to go out and buy locally published recipe books and make feeble attempts at preparing the dishes and hoping they will fail so that they can get compensated!!

Homemaker awarded RM600 for bad recipes
Husna Yusop

PETALING JAYA: Cheesed off that her cheese cakes did not turn out as depicted in a recipe book (Nekochan: no pun intended, I'm sure!) , a homemaker filed a case in the Consumer Claims Tribunal against the publisher and was awarded RM616.90 as compensation.

"I bought the cookbook more than a year ago and baked 23 cakes out of the 70 recipes so far.

"However, all of them turned out completely different from the pictures," the homemaker, who wished to be identified only as C.K. Lee, 47, said after winning the case on Friday.
She claimed a third of the recipes contained in the book Catherine Lau's Cheesecake Seduction did not match the accompanying pictures.

For example, Lee said, there was a picture of a three-layer cake accompanying a recipe for a single-layer cake.
"And there was even one biscuit recipe accompanied by a picture of a cake," said Lee, who filed her claim against Times Publishing Group last month.
"It was frustrating. I had bought the book in the first place because I was attracted to the pictures in it."

Lee had sought a total of RM1,416.90 in compensation -- RM36.90 for the price of the book, RM230 for the electricity consumption (at RM10 a cake) and RM1,150 for the ingredients (RM50 a cake).

Tribunal president Ranjit Singh ordered Times Publishing to compensate Lee RM36.90 for the book, RM30 for electricity and RM550 for the ingredients. Lee was also told to return the book.
Times Publishing was represented by managing director Jamilah Mohd Hasan. Author of the book, Lau, was also present.

Lee, of Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, said she was satisfied with the decision as she had only wanted "justice to be done".

"Customers expect a book to be perfect, that is why they buy a book. I hope more people are aware they can fight for their consumer rights and be compensated in cases like this," she said.
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