Came across this article ... I wonder if the same applies if a man lives with his mommy??

Marriage makes men eat better
James Meikle
Tuesday December 14, 2004
The Guardian

Men eat more healthily when they are married, according to a study of American health professionals which adds to the growing body of evidence that wives help keep their husbands in mental and physical shape.

Men whose wives die increase their alcohol intake and eat fewer vegetables.
The findings come from a study of nearly 40,000 men, more than half of them dentists, the rest including vets, pharmacists, optometrists and osteopaths.

It shows that the divorced and widowed tend to lose weight, but remarrying tends to reverse the trend, and lead to a drop in physical activity.

"[The] time demands of a new spousal role may preclude routine exercise," the team at the Harvard school of public health writes in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, giving married men the perfect excuse not to get on their bike.

Married life may also bring more regular meals and increased food intake, it says. It certainly means men eat more lean poultry and have fewer sugary drinks.

Men left on their own by divorce or death go back to convenience and fried foods, neglecting meals that require more preparation skills. There is "a dietary advantage to wedlock" therefore, especially for those whose first wives have died.

The survey is thought to be first to study of the impact of marital changes on diet, though numerous studies have indicated that married people have a lower risk of an early death.
The changes in the study group were relatively very modest, the authors say, and less educated or lower paid men "may experience more pronounced effects".
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