...till you have turkey ... at your table .... (to be sung to the tune of "Christmas isn't Christmas, till it happens, in your heart ...)

..and we had a really moist and tender turkey sitting at our table, complete with potatoes and cranberry sauce (the main reason I like turkey!!) gravy and chestnut stuffing with real chestnuts and quails eggs, etc. In addition, I prepared some pasta (my own concoction) - no cans, with real roma tomatoes (Mom was complaining that they were RM20/kg and I needed 1.5kg for the sauce alone!!) and pesto. There was a mixed peppers salad with yellow, orange, green and red peppers (all imported from the Netherlands) and last minute I had to whip up a quick tuna-mushroom-cream pasta and some mashed potatoes.

Also made my version of gluhwein (mulled wine) and as I ran out of the cheaper reds, I had to use my 1998 Blue Pryeness Estate Red wine that was lovingly carted back by G on his last trip to Australia.

I must stress that the turkey was the best thing. I ordered it from a home caterer, rather than going to the commercial/hotels joints to order it. Later, I learnt that Izhan also does more than turkey, he can come to your home and cook up a meal in your kitchen for your cosy dinner for two or for dinner parties. It's like having your own personal chef!! Minimum charge is RM600. I think it's a brilliant idea and my friends and I are already thinking up of occasions just to use his services!!!

So, if you need the services of chef, call:

h/p: 012 6551733

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