After watching The Polar Express on the giant IMAX screen in 3D at Berjaya Times Square, we got hungry and were mooching around for something to eat. By the time the show ended around 10:30pm all the shops were already closed so we had to settle for something outside.

I suggested the chicken place which is near what used to be the Bulatan Edinburgh. It's in the same row as Cafe Cafe but nearer to the Esso and Shell stations. Kai Kee has been around for a while and is really busy in the evenings and if we can't think of where to go, we sometimes end up there because we can have chicken (pak cham kai version), noodles, rice, etc.

Anyway, what we had the other night was:
Chicken - it was very smooth or what the Chinese refer to as 'wat'
Chicken gizzard - I love the stuff, not sure why as I'm not a huge fan of 'insides', but perhaps because gizzard is crunchy!!
Bean Sprout - also another favourite because it was crunchy and not overcooked
Chicken Ball soup - the balls were quite huge and tasty
I had 'lou shi fun' (literally translated to read rat's tail noodle), dry with black sauce and G had kuey teow in soup.

Total cost was RM20.20 including drinks

Again, a satisfactory meal, but heavy for so late at night but once in a while, it's ok. The only thing I don't like about the place is the noise from the cars and occasionally the fumes as well .. but oh well, this is Malaysia .... so we will eat and keep hunting for the best road side stalls!

Restoran Kai Kee
Jalan Maharajalela
Kuala Lumpur

PS. If you're looking for KL Hokkien Mee (the dry black one) or any other kind of fried noodles, a few doors to the left of Kai Kee is a famous shop for that!
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