Spent the weekend in PD. Will save comments on the 'lovely' Tanco Palm Springs Resort for another blog. Needless to say, there was no Palms nor Springs there.

Brunch - stopped by the Main Market (Pasar Besar) in Seremban for Seremban Beef Noodles. Problem was that there are few stalls there so we didn't quite know which one the really famous one was. Anyway, ended up choosing this stall run by a lady. It was ok ... she told us that the beef balls were made without using something (ok this conversation was in Cantonese, which isn't something I understand really well) and therefore it would be 'crunchy'.

Late Lunch - drove around Lukut (town near PD) and trekked up to Kota Lukut (Lukut Fort) and Lukut Museum <-- both a must-do if you find yourselves in Lukut! Tried looking for places to eat but nothing looked interesting. Anyway, ended up driving into PD town. Drove around PD town and finally stumbled upon this little Cafe which is located near the Ferry Terminal (the one that goes to Indonesia).

The place, Eli's Cafe, was quite inviting and had lots of arts and crafts around, including a big orang utan out the front.

Food ordered:
Thai Chilli Chicken Chop - like a Hainanese chicken chop, except with the sweet Thai chilli sauce, served with onion rings and salad. Was yummy and chicken was fried well. The onion rings reminded me of the ones from Burger King! RM15.90
Chicken Maryland - deep fried chicken chop, without any sauce, but served with a sausage, deep fried banana fritter (yummy!), chips, salad and corn on cob. Similar to the above except with no sauce. Simple, no fuss food! RM12.90
Fish Fillet - baked fish fillet with chips and salad. Looked good and CC didn't make a face, so guess it was alright. It did look like a small serving compared to the chicken though. RM12.90

Honey Lime (RM2.50) which wasn't sweet but that's ok, Chocolate Shake (RM4.80)which CC said was ok too ... and freshly squeezed watermelon (ok, so you can't technically squeeze a watermelon ...RM4.80), which you can't really go wrong with ..

Yup, when ladies are on a junket ...dessert is critical! The banana fritter that came with the chicken maryland was quite yummy (they used the correct banana), I (yes, I will take responsibility for that!) ordered more banana fritters with ice cream (RM5.90) and lemon pancakes (RM5.90). Pancakes were a little tough, probably having been beaten too much ...

Not a bad place to eat and relax if you ever find yourself in PD.

Eli's Cafe
65 Jalan Baru, 71000 Port Dickson
Tel: 06 6476628

The rest of the group joined us later and we made our way out of the way-out Tanco Resort (which is NOT situated near any beach and anywhere civilised for that matter!)

Decided that we would stop to eat at the first decent place rather than drive back the 21kms back to PD. The BBQ Park looked empty so we drove on .... and saw the Weng Yin Seafood Village.
We ordered:
Deep fried Sotong (calamari) which was one of the crunchiest and probably the most fattening and cholesterol laden calamari rings I've had. RM12
Steamed Fish in Asam sauce - the sauce a little to thick for my liking but it was ok. Steamed with brinjals and lady's fingers. RM35
Kangkung with Belachan .. normal lah RM7
Mixed Vegetables ..also normal lah RM7
House Special Tofu - served with old cucumber, the tofu was really smooth and soft. RM8

Plus drinks and all, total bill came to RM82 for 6 pax ... not too bad I guess...

Weng Yin Seafood Village
Batu 9 1/2, Jalan Pantai,
71050 Sirusa, Port Dickson
Tel: 06 6625278, 012 6281660
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